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  • 5 Questions With… Greg Stuart of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA)

    chief_digital_officer_logo_header1Reprinted from Chief Digital Officer

    Question 1: How do you define ‘digital strategy’?

    “The best digital strategists have two approaches. First, they identify which current business or marketing strategies could be approached more efficiently or effectively using digital. Then, they identify the unique t

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Mobile Marketing...

Mobile Marketing Association Rolls Out New Universal Mobile Ad Package for Public CommentMobile Marketing Watch“The guidelines issued today vastly simplify the mobile ad landscape, creating six...

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MMA Issues Standard...

MMA Issues Standard Mobile Ad SizesMediaPost Publications... drive the market to a further refinement of exactly what are the ad units that the buyers should produce, that publishers will prepare on...

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Address Book Privacy...

Address Book Privacy Flap Hits DCAdweekIf apps don't, congressional intervention is inevitable. "We specifically wrote privacy app guidelines for bullshit like this," said Greg Stuart,...

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MMA Aims to Give Brands...

MMA Aims to Give Brands Better Mobile Marketing DataAdweekSpeaking earlier today at an industry event in the Dominican Republic, Greg Stuart, MMA's CEO, revealed the consortium-based effort,...

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MMA's MXS to help...

MMA's MXS to help marketers rebalance ad spendDigital Market Asia... marketers a level of empirical data that takes out the guesswork and offers a baseline for further discussions on what a...

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Urban Airship Wins...

  Urban Airship Wins Global Enabling Technology Company of the Year From the (press release)"There is no better way to get closer to your consumers than mobile," said Greg...

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35 bus.


Flycast IPO’d ’99


Sold to CMGI ’00


3 bus. sold

$750,000,000 ’08-‘09

Rev growth as CEO

+500% 4 years


$2.4 million rev. 1st 7 mos.


#1 in 6 mos.


234 pgs (27k copies sold)

85+ Speeches

40+ cities


$1+ Billion Ad Spend