The following are programs or prospective projects that are in development or are just interesting to me. I am always looking for partners to develop new ideas. Reach out to me with your idea if you think I could be helpful.
Current MMA Vision
As CEO of the Mobile Marketing Association, my team and I are out to build the best global trade association there has ever been to serve the needs of global marketers, agencies and media sellers on the practice of mobile.

More importantly, we are out to lead the building of the smartest marketing channel, one that brings marketers closer to their consumers than any other channel.
Current MMA Major Projects
  • Cross-marketing studies—raised over $1.5 million.
  • Powerful mobile events in great places—Cannes Lions, Advertising Week NYC, Istanbul, Singapore, Shanghai, London, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Mumbai, New York City, San Francisco, Miami, Dominican Republic and others
  • Building revolutionary education to train marketers to be smarter, more insightful, etc.
  • Bringing together the world’s marketing community around mobile.
Investment Angel Investment Thesis
I invest and advise digital media businesses, including video, social media, content, utility and research. While I’ve lived in Silicon Valley and find it a hotbed of innovation and talent and LOVE to invest there, New York has become very exciting too. Both areas have the work ethic to succeed and an ecosystem that supports them.

I’d really like to be more invested in India, China and Brazil, given the growth and future of those countries.

My sweet spot for timing is follow along for the first institutional round or leading up to that. Generally, the product has some serious development and is soon to launch, or the company has six to 12 months in market and the company is ready to expand. I love businesses that use technology for scale or unique advantage built by really smart, driven teams.

Given my role as CEO of MMA, I don’t currently invest in mobile-oriented businesses, as it would be a conflict of interest.

Reach out to me if you have a business you think I’d be interested in and think I could be helpful.

TV Show in Development & Ready for Production
Before I took the job, I was shopping around a sizzle tape for a TV show called “The Winning Pitch.” It follows the drama of major ad agencies and a few upstarts out to launch or re-launch their success by winning a $20 million advertising account. The show captures the fights, the backdoor dealings and the “creative flair” that is the modern world of advertising.
Need a House or Rental in the Hamptons
If you are considering renting a summer house in the Hamptons or are interested in buying, the best person I know for that is my wife, Pamela, of the Cohen/Stuart team at Saunders.

From Amagansett to Southampton, no one is more committed to making sure each client gets it right, no matter how long it takes or how much effort is required.
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